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Max working pressure (MPa):124-4" Max output flowrate (L/min):2718-4" Max output horsepower (kw/hp):1905 \ 2555

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Increasing primary hydraulic protection on the traditional mechanical and electrical protection measures, safer and more reliable


Stepless speed regulation control, online monitoring and automatic maintenance tips etc. to effectively reduce the personnel’s working intensity


Noise reduction by 11%, vibration reduction by 50%, improving environmental friendliness

Better mobility

Height reduction by 300mm, Sany 8x8 or 8x6 chassis, climbing gradient 54.3%, improving mobility

Faster delivery

Short procurement period of the components such as engine, chassis, etc. to shorten the manufacturing period and realize faster delivery to the customer

Low service cost

Using the general engines and hydraulic components on the market, canceling the transmission, remarkably reducing maintenance threshold, saving maintenance cost, and shortening maintenance period

Better security

Mutual backup of multiple engines. If a single engine fails, the output power of other engines can be increased to ensure continuous operation.

Higher efficiency

Taking 4” plunger as an example, maximum displacement 2718L/min, and displacement regulation range 25~2718L/min, which are increased by 10% and 32% respectively in comparison with the traditional fracturing truck, thus increasing the operation scope

Higher quality

Change of transverse layout of the main pump into longitudinal layout to reduce 93% transverse torsional vibration (the main source of whole truck vibration;

Distributed layout of engine to reduce the concentrated load on axles and girders;

The fracturing truck’s special chassis self-manufactured by Sany, without better degree of fitting between main and auxiliary girders;

Jointly increasing the whole truck’s service life by over 9%