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Operating Weight 13,008 lb Net Power 46 hp @ 2,100 rpm Bucket Range Capacity 0.13 - 0.36 yd3 Emission Tier 3 Max. Digging Depth 12' 9"

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Features and Benefits

Operator Safety and Comfort

  • Ergonomically designed cab and ergonomic placement of instruments
  • ROPS / FOPS cabin
  • Soundproofed cab with air conditioning and excellent visibility 360 ° 
  • Durable floor mats are easy to clean
  • Pattern control changer standard
  • Hammer/Shear hydraulics and piping


  • Reliable Yanmar engine
  • Reinforced D-shaped frame protects against damage and shock
  • Parts, service and equipment you can trust
  • Components in the world used for important parts
  • Simple , proven and reliable negative flow hydraulic system

Easy to Maintain

  • Easy engine access and good location of all lock
  • Air, fuel and hydraulic filters are accessible from ground level
  • New LCD display with important information for maintenance

Built for Efficiency

  • Low fuel consumption and high-power engine
  • Boom anti-drift function, stabilizes boom for precise operations
  • Minimal kick-back in the swing for comfort, control and injury prevention
  • Simple engraving pattern change from ISO to BHL for maximum productivity
  • Complies with EU Stage IIIA/ EPA Tier 3 emissions