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Loader can be used in the construction sites and stockyards of buildings, mine, harbor,hydropower, railway and highway. It is mainly used for handling bulk materials, clearing site and handling of materials in short-distance. The company has complete loader product line, with a rated loading capacity of 1.5t~12t.

products descrpition

 Technical Specification


model GZ9126
Rated load(kg) 12000
Bucket capacity(m³) 3.5
 Operating weight(kg) 18600
 Maximum climbing gradient(°) 30
Steering angle(°) ±43 
 Min.steering radius(mm) 7500
 Max.drawing force(kN) 202
 Dumping clearance(mm) 3300
 Dumping reach(mm) 1410
Tyre size 29.5-25-22PR
Overall dimensions  
Length(mm) 11810
 Width(mm) 3685
 Height(mm) 4530
Engine Model MERRCEDES OM502LA.E3A-4
 Rated power(kW ) 390
 Rated Speed(rpm ) 1800
 Fuel Tank(L ) 760