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Construction Machinery CDM510B features: B SERIES SINGLE DRUM VIBRATORY ROLLERS Front& Rear Light for Night Operation Panoramic Cabin / Adjustble Permco Hydraulic Components Wear And Impress Resistant AC & Pad Foot Optional

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Weight Load Model CDM510B  
Operating Weight (kg) 10000  
Distributed Weight for Drum(kg) 5000  
Distributed Weight for RearWheel(kg) 5000  
Compact  Performance Static Linear Load for Drum(N/cm) 235  
Frequency(HZ) 28  
Nominal Amplitude(mm) 1.8/0.9  
Centrifugal Force(kN) 240/150  
Maneuverability Perfomance Diameter of Drum(mm) 1520  
Width of Drum(mm)  (W2) 2120  
Rim Thickness of Drum(mm) 20  
Length﹡Width﹡Height(mm)(L﹡W1﹡H) 5975*2260*3250  
Min .Ground Clearance(mm) (h) 420  
Min .Steering Radius(mm) 6500  
Wheelbase(mm)  (L1) 3135  
Travel Speed(km/h) Forward 1.9/3.3/9.1  
Reverse 1.9/3.3  
Gradeability 30%  
Steering Angle 30±1°  
Swing Angle ±10°  
Tyre Specification 17.5-25 12PR  
Engine Manufacturer Yuchai  
Model YC6B120-T20  
Rated Power(kW/rpm) 85/2200  
Min Fuel Consumption(g/kW•h) 235  
Capacity Storage Battery (V/Ah) 12V﹡120Ah﹡2  
Fuel Tank(L) 220  
Hydraulic Tank(L)  220  
Others Drive Type Mechanical  
Vibration System Open-loop Hydraulic Vibration System
Service Brake Air Booster Caliper Rear Axle Brake
Parking Brake Shaft Controlling Brake of Gear Box