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The 1T wheel loader XG 9161 is priced economically, perfect for clients on a budget. An efficient but powerfully engineered machine, it comes equipped with a horizontal boom cylinder that generates colossal force upon impact. Coupled with a built-in self-leveling bucket for improved dumping, work has never been so efficient. XGMA also offers utilitarian maintenance design features with the wheel loader. It is fitted with XGMA exclusive transmission technology that utilizes a torque converter assembly to ensure efficient hydraulic oil control. In addition, it is designed with an intuitive front-hinged bonnet. Maintenance has never been so easy.

products descrpition


Overall Dimensions 

 Operating weight   5200 kg 
 A Overall length   5300 mm 
 A'Overall length   5191mm 
 B height to top of cab   2800 mm 
 C width over tires   2000 mm 
 D Wheelbase   2245mm 
 E. Min. Ground clearance   290mm 
 F tread width   1480mm 
 G bucket width   1996mm 
 H Turning radius   4450 mm 
 H'Loader clearance circle   4970mm 
 I Overall height   3870mm 
 J Height to bucket hinge pin   3235mm 
 K Dump height   2450 mm 
 L Dump reach   850 mm 
 M Max. Digging depth   106mm 
 N Max. Steering angle   35° 
 O Max. Rollback   46° 
 P Departure angle   30° 
 Q Max. Dump angle   45° 
 Bucket capacity   0.82 m³ 
 Tires   16/70-20-14 PR 
 Technical Specification 
 Rated power   44 kw (Weichai ZH4100) 
 Rated load   1500 kg 
 Lifting time   5.3 s 
 Total cycle time   ≤10 s 
 Turning angle   35° 
 Fuel tank capacity   100 L 
 Hydraulic oil tank capacity   116 L 
 Travel Speed 
 Speed ranges(F/R)   2/2 
 Forward I   8km/h 
 Forward II   20km/h 
 Reverse I   8km/h 
 Reverse II   20km/h